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The Roman attitude, on the other hand, shows little to no concern to how the common man will benefit from technology. Address all parts of the question 2. If students are trained to write their comments on each document in a uniform manner they will find it much easier to organize their paragraphs.

While the Romans viewed technology as an advantage more for the lower-classes then the upper-classes and also believed that technology should be artistic as well as functional.

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Document 4 continues, even amplifies this self-glorification as its sings the praises of Tu Shih. Rubric Category 3 Excellent An essay that analyzes the documents in additional ways—groupings, comparisons, synthesis. The roads not only were artistic but gave imperial benefits by helping link regions to Rome.

The result should be a thesis paragraph that is several sentences long the paragraph should NOT just be a single sentence. The Roman and the Han had diverse attitudes towards technology being essential, since the Romans had social stratification they viewed technology differently because the level of appreciation of technology varied from the upper class and the lower class.

Below is a suggested note-taking system9 that students can use to quickly summarize and organize their notes. While not especially strong, this thesis meets all the criteria specified on the left.

For example, in document 6 a Greek-born Roman citizen and high official named Plutarch describes the advancements of political leader Gaius Gracchus in technology.

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DBQ Essay Han and Roman Attidtudes Toward Technology