A discussion of the advantages of being an american

Active-duty military service members, professional fire and police department workers, and some public government officers who serve full-time in their positions are exempted from federal jury duty.

Instead of moving backward toward an idea of America as a country club that accepts some people as full members and rejects others, we must move forward toward greater equality. Learn moreor check your eligibility for U.

A number of scholars working on the economics of citizenship have pointed out that naturalization sends a signal to employers that their workers are fully committed to life in the United States, while also giving immigrants the certainty that they will never have to worry about suddenly uprooting their lives and moving elsewhere.

A December study by Manuel Pastor and Justin Scoggins of the University of Southern California found that a path to citizenship leads to higher wages for naturalized immigrants both immediately and over the long term.

You may be called upon to serve on a jury. Naturalized immigrants earn between 5.

Disadvantages of us citizenship

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benefits of us passport

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A Discussion of the Advantages of Being an American