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In the background, dozens of people continue to climb. For more information, visit Aboriginal Tourism BC : www. The portal on economic development leads to information on community development, including tourism policy and plans [PDF]. ITAC develops relationships with other groups and regions with similar mandates, uniting the Indigenous tourism industry in Canada and works to enable collective support, product development, promotion and marketing of authentic Indigenous cultural tourism businesses in a respectful protocol. That governments have a duty to consult and accommodate Indigenous peoples before undertaking decisions on public policy and programs designed to foster the development of Indigenous tourism. The goals outlined in the Aboriginal Tourism Action Plan are to be implemented by Destination NSW through a partnership model with Aboriginal businesses and organisations over a three-year timeframe. The Aboriginal Tourism Association of Canada continues to provide guidance for Aboriginal communities and entrepreneurs, and the non-Aboriginal tourism industry, on standards. This chapter explores the global context for Aboriginal tourism development, the history of the sector in BC, and important facts about Aboriginal tourism in BC today. However, First Nations people are working hard to reclaim their traditions, and in many places there is an increasing pride in a revitalized culture. It includes market research and consumer data as well as an examination of ways to partner with the travel services sector.

About the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada ITAC works to improve the socio-economic condition of Indigenous people through the provisions of economic development advisory services, tourism conferences, capacity development training and workshops, industry research, and information for Indigenous tourism operators and communities within the 13 regions; 10 provinces and three territories of Canada.

Respect the rights of Arctic residents. In the s and s, many French and Scottish men migrated to Canada for the fur trade. For more information, visit the International Institute for Peace through Tourism website : www.

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If developed in a thoughtful and sensitive manner, it can have potential positive economic, cultural, and social impacts. Many Inuit still rely on the resources of the land, ice, and sea to maintain traditional connections to the land.

These groups started the trend of defining Aboriginal cultural tourism standards and promoting the establishment of regional, provincial, and territorial organizations to develop and market more successful businesses. This section contains highlights from this guide.

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Alberta Indigenous Tourism Planning Day