An introduction to the analysis of prison food system in the united states

The semi-structured nature of these interviews meant that each interview evolved differently; the order of questions was determined by participant responses and each participant raised unsolicited comments and information. The clearest violations were very quickly stopped.

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Indeed, the first laws regulating the adulteration of food date back thousands of years. Unfortunately, it is the poorest classes that are least likely to vote.

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Yet by the late eighteenth century, some of the same factors at work in food law seemed to come to the fore. The same is not true of a prison kitchen. All interviews were digitally recorded and transcribed.

An introduction to the analysis of prison food system in the united states

Deciding where exactly to place that line between torture and inaction is difficult. For 21 of the women, the controlling offense for their most recent incarceration was a drug-related charge. This one, however, was somewhat successful, improving some of the worst prison practices and beginning to apply minimum standards of care. Extravagant methods of execution remained available to judges, as did banishment, fines, and forced labor. At the same time, rehabilitative ideals have fallen out of fashion. Substance use In addition to unhealthy eating behaviors, the organization of prison space encouraged women to engage in behaviors that reinforced their identities as law breakers and drug users. Interior boundaries Women described an illicit flow of food between the cafeteria, the kitchen, and the housing units in the general population.

In an effort to deconstruct and push back against these boundaries, women overate, under-ate, and obsessed about food. It was necessary, however, in order to demonstrate the very different worlds in which food law and prison law operate.

First, it limits the kinds of remedies available in prison litigation.

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Prison Food Law