Business plan for college canteen

Food Preparation: The Caterer, who directly supervises the cooking operations, instructs the cooks on the sequence of the cooking and some of the foods are prepare concurrently to speed up the process. Executive summary The company will be incorporated in September We are providing meal in good quality as well as in affordable price.

canteen improvement ideas

The projections are also based assumptions, which are subject to and variation. And we will do this on alternate month by giving them pamphlets. Customer Services: This where the customer works in and seat down to be attended to by the server who takes the order and serve the customer.

This report examines the viability, market trends and success factors of canteen business in the city of Ibadan. Coordination — upon preparing a policy position, the proposal needs to progress through the schemes of government, i.

Water facilities both cold and hot. As what we have observed in the School Canteen, Business center and Bakery of BISU Clarin campus they are using manual methods in recording the sales of the items sale, they were also using manual inventory on each items that can take time and effort.

We have pamphlets which include all kind of price of the product, weekly menu, name of the canteen, etc. Prepared by: Westville Enterprise, Ibadan. Having computers in the workplace has enabled the business to us more efficiently and has contributed in having on all around.

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