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I can tell you now firms the end time will not be worthy of the Big 4.

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I have a comprehensive understanding of management systems and am intimately familiar with auditing procedures and practices. While at firm2, I discovered my passion for both financial services and auditing.

Take up leadership roles.

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Get Full Access Link. Applying for a scholarship? These are the character traits that achieve the most at the Big 4.

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Deloitte - Internship views. Your structure will likely be wrong. There might be a hundred other candidates from your school that are applying for the same positions as you. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience if you feel that a interview would be to our mutual benefit. So writing the perfect Big 4 resume and cover letter should be easy, right? Get Access to Challenges through MindSumo. If you are planning to take the CPA exam, include your plans for taking it and when you expect to be finished. Working with tax staff during busy season opened my eyes as to how proper planning and a dynamic team environment could overcome even the most complex and overwhelming topics. You will need to be creative about your motivation for pursuing the career. The recruiter will know. What can you do to beat the competition?

I first realized my passion for accounting while working as an intern at firm1, a local accounting firm. Many organizations have this information widely available to their members.

See more cover letter examples Why am I having to drag this information out of them now?

audit trainee cover letter
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Cover Letter Big Four Accounting Firms