Dbq essay on han and roman

The Romans only showed appreciation for technologies that could hold some benefit for the upper-class.

analyze han and roman attitudes toward technology dbq

The Roman documents portrayed the Romans weak reliance on technology, however they do emphasize a beauty to the aesthetic side of technology. Related documents. These include a serving attitude where the leader sees his[1] primary responsibility to those whom he leads as to serve and develop them to fulfill their God-given mandate.

On the other hand, the Romans marveled at their civilizations technological advancements, yet scorned those who made a living working with tools and crafts.

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using the following documents analyze the effects of roman expansion on roman society

What are their major differences? These two dynasties were different when it came their borders, as well as government. In order to thoroughly understand the Roman attitudes toward technology being essential it would be resourceful to have an additional document with the opinion of a lower classmen from Rome addressing the same issues that Cicerco and Seneca explained.

Topics The worldwide transition to globalization Globalization if the process of integration and interconnectedness among economies.

Dbq essay on han and roman

According to documents 3 and 4 they both demonstrate the views of a philosopher and a government official on how people view technology as a gift from enlightened leadership. Crude or brittle tools are of no help, and reflect poorly on the government. Massive consumption of alcohol. Siniloan, Laguna Cell. Dir Comp 1 pt. The Chinese attitude towards technology was that it should be useful to and help the common people. The roads not only were artistic but gave imperial benefits by helping link regions to Rome. Unacceptable thesis — summarizes the potential usefulness of technology, but does not address Han and Roman attitudes toward technology 19 As the creation of technology expanded, both the Han and Roman governments expressed their attitudes based on their encounters with technology. The Han dynasties attitude toward technology was that they thought it was very benefical, and they admired it.

So, Romans had a clear aesthetic attitude towards their technology and believed how both the function and the form were important factors. Han China B. The Roman Empire, which lasted from B. Dir Comp 1 pt.

han and roman attitudes toward technology contextualization

Unacceptable thesis — merely restates the question and is too vague 18 What do you think of the following thesis statements?

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DBQ Debrief: Attitudes Toward Technology in Rome and Han China