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Core competencies are more likely to be processes. Southwest as an organization Managers can see how competitive advantage flows from a system of activities using activity-based accounting. Too often core in-competencies and their related dysfunctions are tolerated or swept under the rug. It also services smaller airports that don't cost as much. The analysis gives attention to how senior leaders communicate with their workforce, measure organizational performance, what performance indicators they regularly review and how their performance review findings are used to drive improvement. The carrier with a 15 minute advantage would save hours per day turning its aircraft. If Southwest reserved their low number boarding cards for its most frequent fliers, the airline would run into complications with customer seating preferences or disagreements.

What is the background to the organisation? These activities dovetail together to help achieve the overall objectives of the firm.

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The paper starts with the background of Southwest and its development over the years. From toair transportation was part of public utilities and was regulated by the federal Civil Aeronautics Board in the U.

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Creativity involves breaking out Though Southwest did have a losing quarter it was not due to lack of fliers or its service to its customers, but an investment in its fuel hedging cost.

Southwest also uses one type of plane that is the Boeing to reduce training costs, maintenance cost and inventory cost while increasing efficiency in crews and flight scheduling.

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Core Competency Analysis — Rates of Usage and Satisfaction: Source: Bain Management Tools Sincecore competency analysis and management exists as one of the 25 most popular and pertinent management tools. It is essential to recognize that benchmarking and Problem Statement : The problem under consideration here is: How can Southwest Airlines achieve a sustainable growth in future in spite of increasing As a young single who loved traveling, I found their fares and schedules to be the most convenient for my taste.

Core competencies may involve technology expertise, unique service offerings, a marketplace niche, or a particular business acumen e.

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Rewards and Pricing Southwest Airlines also has one of the better rewards programs in the industry. Foundations of Strategic Capability Strategic Capabilities can be defined as the resources and competences strategic assets of an organisation needed for it to Strategic coherence may not be a sufficient condition for attaining a competitive advantage, but it is often a necessary one. On average the company hires only 3 percent of the interview in a year also they emphasize teamwork and attitude. Problem Statement : The problem under consideration here is: How can Southwest Airlines achieve a sustainable growth in future in spite of increasing Part of that customer experience comes from the attitude and helpfulness of the employees it hires, but there are many more factors that go into this competitive advantage. As fuel dropped in price, Southwest Airfares, routes, schedules, and number of airlines, were all Southwest Airlines has a business-oriented focus on the customer's experience.
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