Effects of bilingual education in the philippines

Effectiveness of bilingual education in the philippines

In high school, there was a movement to use Tagalog as the medium of instruction. DeVillar, Eds. Moreover, these students also score highest in English reading proficiency exams: Above copied from Sandra A. Filipino still rate low in mathematics and science. To Book Writers, the result of this study would challenge them to make books that are written in two languages. Crisostomo, S. Methods Research Design This study used quasi-experimental method to determine the effect of bilingualism on Teaching and Learning process and the researchers also made used of observation sheet to measure the student engagement. Dixon, L. This means that the majority of the experimental group obtained a score from 11 to Research both here and abroad proves the positive outcomes of bilingual education programs. University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

Students are confused of what language they will use to express their ideas Bandura The implication of this is the Engagement of students who are exposed in Bilingualism is lesser compared to the over-all mean of students who are exposed in Monolingualism.

Recommendations: Based on the results of the study, the following are recommended: 1.

Effects of bilingual education in the philippines

Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation. This means that the majority of the control group obtained a score from 16 to ZDM, Vol. For one, teachers need to be proficient in the native language and culture of their students in order to be effective in teaching that language, in addition to having competence in English instruction. The 25 item test was given to the controlled group and experimental group. Role of medium of instruction on the development of cognitive processes. But according to Ester that the three districts in Massachusetts resisted the monolingual ideology that characterizes laws mandating the implementation of English-only programs and addresses how local policies and practices implementation complex and as language policy, it was constructed within each contexts by the beliefs, experiences, and histories of individual involved. Fernandez, A. Thus, the school administrator should encourage their teachers the use of bilingual as medium of instruction in teaching mathematics. The use of Taglish is very rampant in the Philippines because of tourists that are visiting the country Bautista Language is a very important tool for commonality and unity.

Arthur, Y. Wolfaardt, D. Research Instruments and Procedures This study made use of teacher made question which means that it was constructed by the teacher herself. A true bilingual classroom also needs to be composed of both native and non-native English speakers.

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The Advantage of a Bilingual Program in Basic Education