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I work so hard in aiming or achieving something. Both of them retired last year. She told me to stay strong even when it feels like everything is falling apart. I had to compete with other students to remain in this team.

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I plan to develop a workforce that is productive, informative, disciplined, caring and responsive to changing labor environment towards enhancing economic growth and increasing employment opportunities. As a dedicated student, I have chosen to participate in state-level for anti-drug camp that was held at Lata Jarum, Raub.

I will surely do my best and I will do anything to catch my goals. I got 9A and 1B in my trial examination. And during my post-SPM period, I attended a month-long Stepping Into the Real World, a university preparatory course as to prepare myself for the challenging future ahead and Interview Preparatory Course, both conducted by Brig.

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Never Lose Hope: My MARA Sample Essay