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Special Considerations Cottage industries play a significant role in the economies of developing countries. The Khadi and Village Industries Board not only prepared programmes for the industries with which it was concerned, but also had them implemented through registered institutions and cooperative societies.

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The State will, therefore, concentrate on measures designed to improve the competitive strength of the small-scale producer. Related posts:. It caused the problem of unemployment in the country. Compare Investment Accounts. This is because of the fact that these large industries utilize all sorts of cost effective technologies which enable them to supply the products at low price. There is no corruption and no exploitation of the poor by the rich. For farmers, operating a cottage industry out of the home can supplement the income raised from selling crops. It provided employment to million weavers and the value of its exports stood at Rs. Milk-based industry, handloom and power loom industry, oilseed industry and food processing in Gujarat; Stone-cutting carpet-making and handicraft industry in Rajasthan; Handloom and power loom, milk-products mainly Tarai region in Uttar Pradesh; Food-processing, handloom and power loom, milk products etc. Cottage industry, review 31Cottage industry definition: a cottage industry is a small business that is run from someones home, especially one meaning, pronunciation, translations and.

India there is a great need of lifting up the cottage industries or home industries. Co-operative system can help in solving the problems of capital, raw material and marketing then they would easily withstand the competition Large Scale factory production.

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Similarly, all applications for substantial expansion of existing large units or for the establishment of new large units in leather foot wear and tanning industries were examined in the light of their possible effects on the cottage and small units.

They help to preserve local skills and technology. It brings the foundation for economic development of a country.

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The basic characteristic feature of Cottage Industry is that it is basically unorganized in nature and come under the group of small scale industry type.

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Cottage Industry