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The frequency of the waves was roughly 50 MHz, about that used in modern television transmitters. Nevertheless the great electromagnetic theory of light propounded by Maxwell'Treatise,' has been singularly apt not only in explaining all the phenomena reached by the older theories and in predicting entirely novel results, but in harmoniously uniting as parts of a unique doctrine, both the electric or photographic light vector of Fresnel and Cauchy and the magnetic vector of Neumann and MacCullagh.

Significant Contributions: Proved that electromagnetic waves propagated various distances through the air, and summarized how objects of different materials affect each other on contact.

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At such times they read to him, and he gave himself up to general topics and to matters of personal interest to them, displaying even yet his wonted brightness and cheerfulness. Hertz's first radio transmitter: a dipole resonator consisting of a pair of one meter copper wires with a 7. He constructed a simple dipole antenna with a spark gap between the elements, and he managed to produce radio waves with it. ISBN External links. Maxwell's theory predicted that coupled electric and magnetic fields could travel through space as an " electromagnetic wave ". Lodge, were during the eighties occupied with experiments for the investigation and measurement of electric waves. His work led others to experiment even further with other aspects of radio waves and electromagnetic propagation. To have proved them facts, and thereby to have united two vast and highly important domains of natural philosophy, is the lasting credit of Prof.

His father was Gustav Ferdinand Hertz. Hertz's doctoral dissertation focused on James Clerk Maxwell's theories of electromagnetism. Introduction, p.

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The big questions in this area of study have to do with the stresses the objects produce on each other, and what role friction plays in interactions between their surfaces. Only 37 years old at the time, Hertz also never lived to see the tremendous impact the discovery of radio waves would have on the world in the 20th century.

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He studied physics at Munich and Berlin, and enjoyed the warm regard of Prof.

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Heinrich Hertz