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Tim sets very high expectations and works with his employees to meet them. Goal and Objective Setting Positive Example One of Carol's best attributes is her capacity to set goals that are specific, measurable, and achievable. James seems to want to achieve all of his goals in the last few weeks before annual performance review time, but does not consistently work towards his goals throughout the year.

Being a good self-evaluator is as critical as being an excellent performer.

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Due to my competitive personality, my team may at times think I am insensitive. Greg's ability to schedule his available resources effectively helps the organization meet profit goals. Usually Jim tends to attack when given criticism that is constructive in nature. And yet, she still managed to produce positive results when it came down to shipping our newly improved product in November as promised.

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Janet starts every day refreshed and ready for any problems she may face throughout the work day. Jim is adept at showing his job knowledge and technical abilities. Yoli needs to work on managing customer expectations. Jim does not yet delegate effectively and has a tendency to overload himself with tasks which he should hand off to his subordinates. What do you say? Colin does not consistently demonstrate to his customers that they are his first priority. Negative Jack should work to improve his abilities in goal setting. Show me more There will also be areas where improvements can be made. Customer Satisfaction Positive Jim has consistently gone above and beyond his job to satsify his customers. Scroll through the list by category below. He continues to impress us with his ability to properly assess the time it takes to complete tasks and his ability to schedule his tasks into his time at work. A specific evaluation of every goal and measure is typically not necessary, however, you should write down some notable accomplishments, and talk through others during your face to face conversation.

Over the past year, the team has taken on several new responsibilities but Jim has resisting taking on any more work and has instead made the rest of the team shoulder the burden. One of the areas we want Tom to work on this year is his tendency to blame others when his goals or objectives are not met.

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Lillian needs to trust her intuitive instinct and take a chance on what she thinks is the right action to take. Over the past year, this ability has been very useful for the company and has helped alleviate several problems which arose. Kevin has had several shouting episodes with his supervisor over the last review period. Fred fails to follow up with customers as requested. Jim treats people with dignity and respect. Heather fails to show up to work on time and keep a normal work schedule. George is very consistent in demonstrating his job specific knowledge and technical capacity. Get your employees more involved Give employees a secure, easy-to-use system that allows them to contribute to the process, stay on track with their goals and reference past reviews any time. And yet, she still managed to produce positive results when it came down to shipping our newly improved product in November as promised.

When others need encouragement, I try and motivate them to keep improving. It's important to give your employees just as much time to prepare as you have to prepare their comments.

Jim is a very effective multitasker. Harry shows a keen awareness of his time and the ability to properly schedule tasks and get them accomplished in the timeframe he set.

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How to Write Your Own Performance Review (with Sample Reviews)