How to write an expression of interest for a secondment

Learn More. Again the wording changes slightly depending on the level. Not only do they reduce your word count, they break up your response, attracting the eye of the reader. Think to yourself — did an action you took at work help drive traffic, drive revenue, reduce costs, improve efficiency, increase productivity, etc.?

For most individuals though the best approach is to write it like a business letter. All APS jobs have a level and the higher the level, the greater the expectations of capability.

expression of interest template for business

As challenging as that is, take particular care to adhere to the word count restrictions, as responding within the required word count and all of the work that goes with that is considered part of the required ability for the role.

An EOI could be used to uncover candidates needed to fill multiple roles, such as staffing a new call centre or a digital start-up company.

This is the pressure that turns your piece of coal into a diamond.

Sample letter of interest for a job

You don't want them skimming your best example and you don't want them forming an opinion on anything less than your best example that supports the criterion. And this is where your friends, family, co-workers and mentors come in. Whatever your particular work entails, you will have real examples that show how you do it well. They are wading through pages of responses. Do not be afraid to use dot points. Make it impossible not to choose you. Consider how they demonstrate your abilities.
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Sample Expression of Interest Letter for a Job