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If you are using a print version, use a pen. Models of effective writing Video clips to watch The appointment form in myPASS is the best method to tell us your goals and what areas you are struggling with in your writing. Third, we find it at least debatable whether a prior can be called an uninformative prior if it has a fixed value of 0. Bull Amer. Body: This includes the subtopics that you are addressing. A title can be descriptive, declarative or interrogative. Your summary should be of help here. Conduct extra research. The soundness of the entire peer-review process depends on the quality of the reviews that we write. Publication Title. Also, it will be beneficial to give the reader some background information about the current state of the issue related to the topic. As I go along, I use a highlighter and other pens, so the manuscript is usually colorful after I read it. One of the problems that people face when reading is seeing a text as a big picture and omitting small details. Such judgments have no place in the assessment of scientific quality, and they encourage publication bias from journals as well as bad practices from authors to produce attractive results by cherry picking.

Conclusion: It should briefly state your rationale for your review and the purpose of the article. Critique of the publication through the identification of gaps, contradictions, disparities in the text, and unanswered questions. For the first time, when you will be applying this approach, reading will take more time.

For an excellent article review, one should first prepare then write the review.

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Then, I divide the review in two sections with bullet points, first listing the most critical aspects that the authors must address to better demonstrate the quality and novelty of the paper and then more minor points such as misspelling and figure format.

A [first and middle initial]. Periodical Title, Volume Issuepp.

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Benefits of looking through article review examples It is important to read on article review samples as this helps learners of a particular field to get introduced to the work of experts in that specific field.

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How to Write an Article Review (with Sample Reviews)