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None of the above Part Two: 1. The Officer-in-charge of the local Army Workshop happened to be an officer with commendable helping attitude, positive bent of mind and with an understanding of peculiarities and problems of the area where such accidents were quite frequent and possible. The vehicle could could go only upto a limited number of places due to bad road conditions and step gradients. Caselet 2 Carrier Corp. His freedom in deciding and executing was cut down. Intranet d. The officer, being quite young and inexperienced, could not ascertain the real condition of the engine and chassis.

The vehicle was gently stopped on the snow itself, secured with pegs along the wheels and rescue operation commenced for the ditch. Sharma could hardly reconcile himself to the fact that the counter person had quoted the discounted price which was Rs.

All of the above 3. Pupil user b. None of the above The counter person nodded in agreement. Part One Multiple Choices: 1. No longer do firms utilize one set of manufacturing processes, employ a homogeneous group of loyal employees for long periods of time or develop one set way of structuring how work is done and supervisory responsibility is assigned.

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Sharma, who was still shopping came back and joined her husband. Consequently there were imbalances in his family life and organizational life.

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The headlights of the vehicles exposed very little. Ethnocentrism d. When he received the cash memo for payment, he was astonished to find that he had to pay Rs. Egocentrism 2. So we can understand that employee is important for every organization, and their career planning is must. Continuous changes in who organizations employ and what these employees do require HR practices and systems that are well conceived and effectively implemented to ensure high performance and continued success. Management felt that Mr Sashidhar had the potential to bear with many more organizational responsibilities. But for the direction of landing, the slip and fall could have proved quite dangerous. He wanted to please and change the attitude of management through his diligent performance, firm commitment and dedication. A rule of thumb based on years of experience is called a. What finance-driven applications can Carrier implement using data mining? What is knowledge creation?

List the various features of HRM. A method which requires the rates to provide a subjective performance evaluation along a scale from low to high a.

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Perception c. Physiological Barriers of listening are: a.

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