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Thus the expression of grief has a certain majesty, power and dignity about it. It is the funeral and the author invokes the Earth to receive the body of William Butler Yeats and laments that Ireland is empty of its poetry. Like a mouth, poetry is an open potential from which words can issue.

Auden shows considerable ingenuity in employing blank verse, iambic lines of unequal length, half rhymes and feminine endings. But Auden does not glorify Yeats. In fact, the last stanza serves as the same function like the description of transformation from "curse" into "vineyard", and from "distress" to "rapture" in the previous stanza.

Yeats contains two basic, related points: that a poet's work ultimately becomes independent of him, because he has no control over the interpretation which posterity give it and that, therefore, it is conditioned by society, and its role in society can be no more than a passive one.

Should poetry make anything happen? Suddenly our speaker is addressing Yeats himself, chiding him for all of his mistakes, but also admiring Yeats's poetry.

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A Short Analysis of W. H. Auden’s ‘In Memory of W. B. Yeats’