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That I stood up for Elijah's initial statement which I still believe is without anything you could take offence to.

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I don't think the Persians had slaves under Darius? These are the stories of what was being black in the South and what a black person had to do in order to survive and protect his right to live on this land. Imagine for a minute the world he lived in, and how much he changed it. Surely you cannot expect to substitute "mans life" with "profitability" as the standard of value, and expect to get away with it here on SOLO, no matter how damned nice you are as a person. However, the experience of slavery is far different for women than it was for men. Actually why don't you fuck off to Tonga while it's still a Constitutional Monarchy. New Zealand isn't the place for you, this is a place created from those trying to escape dead traditions and hatreds and is still crafting a compelling future. Many of Adams' convictions stand in so stark a contrast to Jefferson's that it's like night and day. I do judge Elijah and I think he doesn't overstep the mark. Elijah is a very detached Submitted by Lance on Wed, They needed people to make the boats, the shackles, also the people that would go and get the slaves. From until July 1st slavery was allowed within our country.

Through legal, economic, and religious arguments, pro-slavery supporters were able to continue the practice until the eventual culmination of the Civil War In any event he was reckoned to be one of the most well-read men in the world.

But that's all it is, a bad taste joke, that's all I read it as, beyond that I really don't care that it was said.

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Having you on this site sickens me. Submitted by Robert on Thu, Planters had an abundance of land and a shortage of labor. He already knows that the slave masters are the individuals who developed this categorization of race and embedded into the societal perception of today

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