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In the second definition, the false positive possibility is that randomly chosen images and preconditioned a settled watermark.

In addition, another attack is the so-called Oracle attacks in this category [13] and [53]which is able be applied to produce a non-watermarked image while a device of a watermark detector is attainable. They present the structure of unidirectional watermark and demonstrate that watermarks requisite for being non-invertible in applications of copyright protection.

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Compression is a popular scheme for attacking watermarked images or audio. The attack was produced in the structure of automatic copyright protection frameworks that investigate the Internet and download images for checking the existence of the watermarked images on pirate websites. However, the most serious problem of spatial domains is the weakness of robustness. There are the seriously forced attacks which intend to discover secret information using the exhaustive searches. It was given detailed properties and other applications for SVD in [34]. The concept of inversion comprises of the truth that attackers who have a copy of the stego contents can represent that the data also includes the attackers' watermark using subtracting to his own watermark information. For the attackers to remove the hidden watermarks, they may compress the watermarked images with some other VQ codebooks and decode the VQ indices to get the reconstruction. The size at each succeeding octave is one-fourth the size of the previous one. This approach performs the process of watermark detection over a training sequence containing each pilot geometrical inverse deformation.

An example of one commercial application created for that purpose is Digimarc Corporation's ImageBridge Solution.

Two common compression schemes: lossy compression, such as VQ compression, and JPEG compression for image processing have lately been considered to have approximately the same impact on noise removal as denoising.

Moreover, while these perturbations are varied from each other, also they are probable to be specific varied from the statistics method of the watermark generation systems.

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Users will always choose a device that can play and record illegal copies. Most current watermarking approaches are robust against these attacks owing to the application of particular synchronization procedures. This feature makes the watermark more robust in comparison with spatial methods against various distortions.

Then, the applied templates are eliminated easily by the malicious attack and the applied various geometric transformations are unable to be recognized during the template detection process.

In [50]the impact of the attacks is discussed from the information-theoretic point of view and it is concluded that the attack of additive white Gaussian noise can be optimal asymptotically with respect to removing the watermark when the intensity of the noise is big in comparison to the energy of the watermark.

Also the process of the successful watermark detection relies on the precise detection of the template because the detection error tolerance is unacceptable for the inaccuracy of the detected position.

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