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Can we prove this? Disability at the Intersections: 42 Bedford Row Disability Law Essay Prize 14 May How should the law protect against discrimination at the intersection of disability and other protected characteristics, including gender? Essays will not be returned, so candidates should keep a copy for their own reference.

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If there are special reasons why a potential candidate cannot submit an essay online, a request exceptionally to submit in hard copy may be made. How much should we care about social cohesion? History Q1. Charlotte Kelly, reading for the DPhil in Socio-Legal Studies, with an interest in access to benefits for disabled people, also spoke — highlighting the case law on eligibility criteria for Personal Independent Payments PiP. What does economics tell us about the benefits and costs of immigration? Sample interview video The Robert Walker Prize has three objectives: to encourage students with an interest in Law to explore that interest by researching, considering and developing an argument about a legal topic of importance to modern society; to encourage those interested in Law to apply for a university course in Law; and to recognise the achievements of high-calibre students, from whatever background they may come. Drawing on feminist legal theory, I argued that the law must move beyond a focus on protecting the individual in cases of discrimination, to a systemic approach which recognises the overlapping web of protected characteristics. Dr Campbell spoke on the recent General Comment of the United Nations Committee on Persons with Disabilities, which emphasised that disabled persons are complex and disability is just one layer of their identity. Is inequality increasing? Philosophy Q1. How much would it matter if we had none?

Should candidates for high office be judged unfit on the basis of something they said or did when they were very young? Should we abolish the Fed? Entry requirements and further details Entry Requirements Entry is open to students from any country and any school.

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Are some things bad because they are illegal? What should we do about it? Which was worst: Nazism, Fascism or Communism?

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Should we worship such a God? Aristotelian virtue ethics achieved something of a resurgence in the twentieth century.

law essay competition 2019
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