Lighttpd rewrite all requests all the time

Lighttpd document root

Internally, the dynamic, parameterized address can continue to be used while users from the internet access the web project via a seemingly static address. It will not send any of the passwords in clear text. The author of lighttpd would like everyone to keep it as "lighttpd", but you can put anything in this string you want. We then have to strip off any query parameters that were passed in with the path. The example conf disables server. The idea is that if you publish your web logs or statistics then their hostname will show up on your page. If you are building from source then our example is built with the following command arguments:. Can you suggest a good web page optimization reporting site? Everything that can be done with lighty can be done more efficiently with Nginx.

This is caused by the size of the TCP send buffer. This file is the primary config file and will contain all of the directives needed to make lighttpd work like you want it to. The only thing left really, for a basic Routes driven site is generating the URLs for the site.

Then for each of the error codes and we make a custom error page.


For example, if a browser connects to calomel. You can also use mod rewrite, however the above method is simpler and safer.

Lighttpd configuration options

This is caused by the size of the TCP send buffer. If you comment out these lines then the daemon will run as the user who executed it or "nobody" depending on the OS distribution you use. Do note that HSTS does not work if you've never visited the website before. Use Pound to stop the bad bots and allow your web server to focus on good clients. It is faster than Lighttpd, offers more configuration options and has a very active development team. Editing this is usually only needed on servers which are fairly loaded and the network handler calls delay often; for example if new requests are not handled instantaneously. If the html page is ever changed than lighttpd will make a new version of the compressed html file to reflect the changes. Make sure to also check out the Network Speed and Performance Guide. For example, if you have 3 pictures, a css file, a favicon. Strict Transport Security resolves this problem; as long as you've accessed your bank's web site once using HTTPS, and the bank's web site uses Strict Transport Security, your browser will know to automatically use only HTTPS, which prevents hackers from performing this sort of man-in-the-middle attack.

Most of the time the bottle neck will be the slowest IO in the system, namely the hard drive. A web site will connect to your server with the referer field referencing their web site.

lighttpd configuration options

If the redirection is configured at server level, the complete URL is replaced.

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Lighttpd Setup for Lararvel 5