Livestock in ethiopia

Abebech Woldeghiorghis, a farmer in the Southern Nations and Nationalities Region is one of farmers keen to access this new technology. Silk farming is a new dimension added to the countryagro industry for diversification of agriculture and reduction of rural poverty.

Forage and Pasture Crops Research Scarcity of feed both in quality and quantity is one of the majorbottlenecks of livestock production in Ethiopia, regardless of agro-ecologyor type of production. The fishproductivity of major water bodies has been estimated.

Demonstratenewtechnologiesandgoodpractices Identifybeefproductionproblems,verifyandevaluatebeef technologies on-farm which in-turn will helpto facilitate the formation and implementation ofappropriate policies for beef production.

Adoption and demonstration of new technologiesand good practices has been also a recent inclusion of the research as a gate way torangeland development. Similarly, it stands first in Africa andthird in the world in beeswax production.

However, expansion was constrained by inadequate nutrition, disease, a lack of support services such as extension services, insufficient data with which to plan improved services, and inadequate information on how to improve animal breeding, marketing, and processing.

This requiresraising production and productivity of small ruminants beyond the current level. Beef Research Ethiopia has diversified cattle breeds welladapted to the different agro ecologies in the highlandmixed crop-livestock production system and the pastoral— agro-pastoral areas.

Thistechnology has been demonstrated in many parts of the country to cooperatives,fishermen and relevant stakeholders along the value chain. Now that he has observed the campaign closely, he is willing to give artificial insemination the benefit of the doubt.

Contagious diseases and parasitic infections are major causes of death, factors that are exacerbated by malnutrition and starvation. The objective of the research is to generatetechnology that helps to attain self-sufficiency in poultry products, increase rural and periurban productivity and family incomes.

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Enhancing the productivity of Ethiopia's Livestock Sector