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This has become standard the world over as it per forms well in practice and is used widely. Th e collaboration agreements were more or less similar, irrespective of the country of collaboration. For instance, for the passenger car segment, demand is balanced from replacement and OEM categories i.

It sold 5. HML's rubber division has a turnover of Rs 50 crore from a crop output of about 10, tonnes per annum, while Ceat's natural rubber consumption was approximately 50, tonnes worth Rs crore last year.

The fibre glass produced in India is Eglass only. With demand increasing at a steady pace, the industry is expected to go through a consolidation phase. Padukone added. Under the demerger plan for HML, Ceat will issue 95,03, equity shares of Rs 10 each to HML and 36,91, equity shares of Rs 10 each to the shareholders of HML in the ratio of one share for five equity shares held by these shareholders.

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However, due to rough road conditions, the more rugged, suitable and cheaper cross ply tyres are in vogue. The major scope of collaboration was: a Provision of technology b Basic engineering of the plant c Detailed engineering and design of special equipment and supply of materials d Procurement and supply of special equipment e Commissioning and Supervisory services.

It sources the products from other manufacturing units.

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