Moral lesson of the story of kite runner

Moral lesson of the story of kite runner

Use one or more of these articles to explore the theme of redemption with your students — then invite them to find more true stories around the theme of redemption, in The Times and elsewhere. Is inaction the same as complicity? From the very beginning of the story, Rahim Khan had helped Amir and boosted his self-confidence. It is a good example of how someone is able to forgive someone even though they have wronged them terribly. Amir and his father are forced to take low-paying jobs and live in a crummy apartment, this is a big transition from their life of luxury in Afghanistan. To overcompensate for the guilt, they do great work. The event that follows alters the lives of both Hassan and Amir irrevocably. Discuss rape as a means of exerting power or control over someone else.

In this piece, prisoners find peace and a chance to heal through helping in a prison garden. The book revolves around key relationships of a father-son, two close friends, and the spirit of redemption This is a shock to Amir who thought for sure that Hassan would hate him for what he did to him and his family.

We humans cannot do it, and therefore we are humans.

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This resourcefrom the Brisbane Rape and Incest Survivors Support Center, on the politics of rape, might be helpful in framing the conversation.

There is nothing perfectly correct or incorrect. In they weeks that follow all his thoughts are of the good times he and Hassan shared.

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That was my path.

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Teaching ‘The Kite Runner’ With The New York Times