Physical diversity in the workplace

Sometimes, there is a short-term macroeconomic gain for employers in aiding and abetting discrimination in the workplace.

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Employers often threaten striking workers with the prospect of being replaced, since there are usually members of minority groups who are willing to take jobs that pay lower wages. Americans continue to mature; an increasing number of minority youths are becoming part of the workforce; gay men and lesbians are becoming an important part of the workforce and marketplace; people with disabilities are also increasingly entering the labor force; and business is becoming more global.

Experts such as Dr. Tension between subgroups is often a result of economic competition for jobs, shelter, and social status.

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Consider if everyone in your department was an introvert, for example. Sifting through a wide pool of candidates can be time-consuming and sometimes confusing. In fact, a recent study by McKinsey shows that organizations with a high degree of racial and ethnic diversity are 35 percent more likely to have stronger financial returns.

What are the advantages of creating a workplace team with a diverse background? In larger corporations, there are more diversified age groups, from teenagers to senior citizens. The social mobility concept postulates that as one sub-group moves up in economic terms, it is replaced by a less fortunate subgroup that is seeking a better way of life.

Employee training should therefore establish early on that mental disability is just like any other disability and relatively common. Women and minorities are sometimes excluded from social activities or left out of informal communications networks.

Where one person has a gap in their skillset, another can fill in the slack.

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The benefits of disability diversity in the workplace