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We aim to review and discuss past and contemporary papers on these topics to provoke debate and highlight key dilemmas faced by the urological community.

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These abnormal cells then invade a part of the body, spread, and destroy healthy cells. Prostatitis is the inflammation or infection of the prostate.

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American Cancer Society reported overnew cases of prostate cancer. The PSA test has been approved for use since to detect early prostate cancer If this was to happen patients signs and symptoms would include urinary frequency, dysuriaslow urinary stream, and urgency. InSwartz states that this projection has risen to at leastindividuals.

I have decided to write my research paper on this subject, as it has affected one of my very close friends.

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According to the American Cancer Society, an estimatedcases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in the United States. It also incorporates statistical data, and provides a case study that helps the prospective nursing student to analyze its implications for their practice.

Deaths were up fromin

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Can cause pain and interfere with normal function, but they can also cause other systems in the body to act abnormally. Some prostate cancers grow very slowly and may not cause symptoms or problems for years or ever. Imaging scans can show and track the presence of prostate cancer. The present first line treatment for CRPC is docetaxel [18] The is paper will discuss the awareness, diagnosis , and treatment of prostate cancer. Stages Staging takes into account the size and extent of the tumor and the scale of the metastasis whether it has traveled to other organs and tissues. Studies have also concluded that obesity decreases the risk that a cancer will be low-grade if it does occur. Although this growth can be benign and become a nuisance; there is also a malignant growth in the cells of the prostate causing cancer
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Key papers in prostate cancer.