Rising sea levels essay

This allows Earth to have a temperature that can support life. Roughly 9 polymorphs of ice are defined, only one, however, occurs naturally on Earth. When the topic of climate change was first brought up it was mostly known as global warming and connected to the greenhouse effect. Works Cited 11 I High projected rates of future sea-level rise have captured the attention of the world.

Conclusion 10 VII. As the atmosphere warms, the surface layer of the ocean warms as well, expanding in volume and thus raising sea level.

After investigation of ice at the poles, sea levels, amount of Carbon dioxide, and temperature, some people say that they are faced with global warming; however, other people contradict that result Among such a wide range of fluctuations, climate change-related sea-level change has its own unique characteristics.

Sea level rise is also known as the main effect of climate change affecting our nation and its people; it is caused by global warming.

are sea levels rising or falling
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Sea Level Rise Essay