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One of the main features of AutoWorld was a show produced by GM involving an animatronic puppet of an autoworker that sung a love song to a robotic arm. Moore rarely has to use narration to his tell story; his points are made painfully clear from just his film footage.

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Rampant crime leads to prison over-crowding and Flint is forced to build a new jail facility. Moore: Families are being evicted from their homes on Christmas Eve.

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The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Corporations, especially Corporate America, can not expect to wield total economic power over the livelihood of the world work force because that is what is best for the stockholder's profit margin. Job retraining could have enabled ex-GMs to find alternative work.

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United States: Warner Brothers Pictures. What can I do? He tries to visit Smith at GM's headquarters in Detroit, yet he is blocked by building security guards as Moore hasn't made an appointment. Moore also meets some of the residents of Flint, who are reeling from the economic fallout of the layoffs. If I may be so bold as to respond to these criticisms on Moore's behalf, using a line from Jack Nicholson, "You can't handle the truth! But there was another element I responded to in the movie: I liked it because it felt like Michael Moore was getting away with something. Retrieved July However, none of t Those that could have gone elsewhere in search of work felt too much loyalty to the town to leave it.

Of course Moore could never get an interview using the techniques he's using. A company spokesman comes to the lobby and exchanges contact information with Moore, initially promising him to discuss an interview with Smith, but due to lack of credentials since Moore is independent and likewise, does not have a business cardhe refuses to grant him one.

It was really serious and funny at the same time. We know that.

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Moore also interviews Bob Eubanks during a fair near Flint, during which Eubanks cracks an anti-Semitic and homophobic joke. Advertisement Among the obvious cheap shots in the movie: At the film's climax, Moore cuts back and forth between GM chairman Roger Smith reading piously from Dickens' A Christmas Carol while deputy sheriffs evict the family of an unemployed GM worker and throw his Christmas tree in the gutter. Just for a few hours to see what Synopsis Michael Moore is an eccentric, self-taught documentary film director who begins by introducing himself and his family through 8 mm archival home movies; in a voice-over, he describes himself as "kind of a strange child," the Irish American Catholic middle-class son of a General Motors employee assembling AC Spark Plugs. These jobs and factories would be, and have been, moved to Mexico to drastically reduce the wage and benefit expense of GM. I think it is of import to besides observe that The United States authorities has done nil to protect its citizens from things like this. It supplies poetry, a viewpoint, indignation, opinion, anger and humor. In my opinion, the movie was great. His biggest hit was "Pumping Iron," the documentary that put Arnold Schwarzenegger and body-building on the map. The plot of the film revolves around Moore's quest to confront Roger Smith, the CEO of General Motors GM at that time, and to bring him to Flint, Michigan, to see what his actions have done to the people who work and live in the surrounding area. We enjoy his efforts, anyway. I don't think so.

The functionalists would state that everything that happens in society serves a map or aim one manner or another. The rabbit fights back before and during the early part of the beating.

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