Room division management

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Communication Is A Game Changer How you deal with staff should be just as effective and professional as how you deal with your guests. Be honest, open and diplomatic in all your communications. Education Is For Everyone Improving your own knowledge base is essential for growth and development and this should extend to your staff as well. The importance of self-development to enable career progression is emphasised. Managing Front Office Operations Students learn to increase front office efficiency and help sales grow with the knowledge and skills gained from the completion of this module. Talk to us about a discount for full and upfront payment. Make sure you communicate service issues timeously and with care, and be quick to praise good work as it happens. This programme introduces students to the hospitality industry and proceeds to cover the management of the front office, housekeeping operations, facilities management as well as general supervision. Write it down, be clear and concise and then let your team members know exactly where you want your department to be in the short and long term. Fees R32 inclusive of all textbooks and examination fees, excludes textbook delivery costs. Then, offer staff a chance to teach other team members about their newly acquired skills IT, rates, products for cleaning etc.

The module takes a systems approach to hospitality facilities issues, while also considering the various functional spaces within a property.

A Rooms Division leader will not shy away from change, but rather, embrace all that change brings, weeding out unwanted information and taking hold of technology that will advance the business.

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There are no excuses for poor standards in the workplace when you yourself have shown your team how to do their job to the highest standards. When problems arise within the department, be sure to keep staff informed of the good, the bad and the ugly at all times.

Room division management

Staff make better decisions when they are kept informed, so communicate all the time and be professional in your approach. This affects all aspects of your department, from rates and administration to purchasing, housekeeping orders and even simply answering the telephone.

Encourage training and skills development amongst your teams and encourage them to read and research new ideas and technologies along the way. Topics include how to recruit, select, and train; increase productivity; control labour costs; communicate effectively; manage conflict and change; and use time management techniques.

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It further examines related topics such as franchising, management contracts, business ethics, human resources and marketing. Create an environment where every month where staff can transfer skills or update other team members on new information.

Here are 5 ways you can turn ordinary into extraordinary: Be Clear About Your Vision For The Department Knowing where you want to take your department to is a great starting point. Practice those high standards until they become a habit. The importance of self-development to enable career progression is emphasised.

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Rooms Division Management