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The company has always demonstrated strong market orientation, making strategic decisions and taking actions to attract, satisfy and retain customers. Coca-cola support a lot of charities, aims to be the beverage industry leader in energy efficiency and climate protection.

According to Utilitarian Theory, it suggests consequences of ethical applications helps us finding the meaning of ethics. There are many bad stories how Coca-Cola had a bad impact on the environment.

Coca cola ethical issues essays

The Board is elected by the shareowners to oversee their interest in the long-term health and the overall success of the business and its financial strength. Our Supplier Code of Business Conduct and Supplier Guiding Principles set baseline expectations for how our suppliers conduct their business. Mitchell et al. Until today ethics seen as an optional factor for the world but considering our rapidly growing population and due to aggressive development strategies of global companies consumed the natural resources of our world. The main problem was production facility of Coca-Cola was polluting the natural water resources at this region. This is due to ethical issues associated with the company. Below is a video providing information on some ethical issues that have arised over the years. Ethical Analysis of Coca-Cola

Weakened trade union has enabled the company to manipulate workers by paying low wages and expose workers to long working hours Bose, This resolution received support from the workers union in Colombia and many other countries but the coca-cola company of directors rejected the proposal.

Some of these solutions include eco friendly facilities and equipment. Chapter 2. Coca-Cola in India - A case study. Coca-Cola faced a lawsuit in because fifteen hundred African American employees sued Coca-Cola for racial discrimination. Governments have to control and investigate the legal and ethical issues for their citizen and the environment.

The numbers of production capacity of Coca-Cola increased from Coca-Cola was charged in a U. Coca-Cola has to create beyond valuable and efficient selling channels to its customers because it's the main way to reach their potential consumers.

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Coca Cola Ethical Issues Useful Essay Sample