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Divinity and religion are staples in his work, but despite not dealing with them head-on, the austere silences here feel saturated with humanist philosophy: it may be the holiest of Bresson experiences. The only way to save his girlfriend is to get himself thrown into maximum security in order to kill another inmate.

After being arrested on a minor drugs charge, Cucchi is held in preventive custody, where he loses a lot of weight, seems to have been beaten up, and then suddenly died.

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We have made a selection of those great tough guy prison movies, but also got a few that can better be considered as good drama movies. He stars as Tijuana Jackson or TJ, an ex-con who is about to go on parole and his dream of becoming a famous motivational speaker.

This documentary then looks at the true story of the prison business, and the enormous profits that are being made from mass incarceration and work gangs.

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In the brutality of the prison, John soon starts displaying supernatural powers, which prove to Paul his innocence. Volunteers arrive for a psychological study where half will act as prisoners and half as guards.

Other found the facts themselves not gripping enough. But it also spans a few overlong decades.

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This movie is based on a real experiment which shows what prison conditions do to people, and not just the inmates. While this might seem formulaic, it blurs the line between right and wrong and offers enough twists to keep you hooked. It certainly takes a British view of the American justice system. In the film, some of our protagonists are kidnapped by representatives of the military dictatorship. All the jail sequences were shot in a real prison at Thiruvananthapuram, giving the film a very realistic feeling. Stallone reprises his role as Ray Breslin. These portrayals of men and women behind bars have thrived because they deal with such fundamental human themes as freedom, individuality, power, justice, and mercy. He used his boxing skills to fight his way towards freedom. It looks at the year incarceration of Tupamaros, a left-wing urban guerrilla group active in the s and 70s. It manages to show both the camraderie and the discomfort of prusin life. An incredible film. He finds himself doing the unthinkable when he is forced to join a white supremacist group in the prison in order to survive. He stars as Tijuana Jackson or TJ, an ex-con who is about to go on parole and his dream of becoming a famous motivational speaker. Big words, but the film is now a frequent staple of all-time top movies lists, especially those voted for by the public, enjoying the benefit of being released just at the cusp of the DVD explosion and being shown on cable seemingly every day. When one of his guys disappears, he tracks him down to learn that it was all for revenge.

So rather than a by-the-numbers biopic, the film deals as much in the philosophy of the story as the politics.

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27 Best Prison Movies on Netflix That Will Make You Feel the Loss of Freedom