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Do this by selecting the appropriate Document View from the View tab. From the Insert tab, click on Bookmark. Heading 1 or body text. Change all the Margins to 2 cm or whatever required by institute.

Print it out one more time and read the whole thing very carefully. An excerpt from this page: In Australia: completion requirements vary by school, however all require completion of an original research thesis or dissertation that makes a significant new contribution to the field.

Note that headings styles should never be applied to the main body text of a paragraph. TIP: you can select multiple regions quickly by holding [Ctrl] and clicking slightly to the left of each line of text Apply "Heading 2"-" Heading 4" to the appropriate headings you are unlikely to need more than four levels.

In the References tab, click Show Notes in the Footnotes section of the tab.

thesis template word 2018

View the entire document by selecting All Levels from the Show Level drop down menu to convince yourself that not only the heading but everything that appears under that heading was moved.

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Microsoft Word for Thesis Formatting