Touching spirit bear essay example

People always make connection between punishment and justice. A great essay will contrast the attitudes and perspectives of Peter and his parents before and after Cole's own transformation, leading up to the pair's ultimate reconciliation. The act of physically touching the Spirit Bear can be interpreted many ways, as long as it is well defended.

Touching spirit bear essay example

Explore the symbols, details, and devices that the author uses to convey an image of psychological transformation in a person so clearly physically immobilized. He wanted Peter to get the second chance at life just like Cole had gotten a second chance in the circle justice.

All of life is a hot dog.

touching spirit bear summary

This novel proves that anything can be achieved if you have courage, self-confidence, determination, motivation and a whole hearted effort.

In this essay, the student should pick several characters that interacted with Cole including his parents, Peter, Edwin, Garvey, and others. He must first learn to forgive his father for beating him, before he can give up his own streak of violence.

Cole danced different types of animal dances, like the whale dance, wolf dance and mice dance. While in Islam, the Trinity is totally rejected. But also this lesson was reflective. Edwin was a Tlingit elder that help arrange Cole's banishment. Cole felt like there was a lack of others caring about him. For most of the novel Cole was full of so much anger, but by dancing the dance of anger, he let go of some of his emotions and forgiving those who had hurt him. Hence, he decides to kill it the next time he sees it. Including Garvey and Edwin. After the bear mauled Cole, he felt, and looked like he was dying. Buy Study Guide 1 Animals and the forces of nature strongly influence Cole's experience of healing during his time on the island. That was the reason why the bear mauled Cole because the bear needed and wanted to protect himself as well. Not only did Cole have fear and anger, but he also felt lonely. It will be lived like a celebration! Cole had to forgive others for their actions toward him and to forgive himself for hurting others. In the process of forgiving, we are also forgiving and relieving ourselves.
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“Touching The Spirit Bear: (Final Essay)