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They are enchanted by fake friendship, closeness and frankness. The nature of her influence is, however, more complicated than that. This act of love-making and supposed conception would seem to provide her with the absolution which she seeks and to represent a tangible step forward inner acquisition ofa new identity, but her quest continues.

Certainly the novels are strikingly similar in specific as well as general respects and nowhere more so than in their concern with the exploration of origins - the journey into prehistory - and in their use of the female protagonist's quest for her father as a central metaphor. Moreover the success of the expedition is accomplished at the expense of die life ofits youngest and most innocent member, Tune.

Some of them gossip too much, some are sloppy, others bossy. It was there when I woke up, suspended in the air above me like a chalice, an evil grail and I thought whatever it is, part of myself or a separate creature, I killed it.

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The male is by nature superior and the female inferiorthe one rules and the other is ruled. She vows she will deliver it herself, again like an animal; she envisages it will be like the child in the scrapbook and resolves never to teach it any words. Arguably, then, Zenia is not just Hecate in the disguise of Venus, but also the potentially fertile but victimized Venus pretending to be Hecate.

Badlands, which has been called a 'feminist' novel,20 goes further and undermines the paternalist model of influence.

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Recurring themes and cultural contexts