Writing a letterhead

That way, you can give edit access to whoever needs it—like sales agents—safe in the knowledge that they can update the text without altering or ruining the brand assets. Often, printers tend to mess up the greatest graphics.

Writing a letterhead

One way to do that is to use a solid color background for your letters, instead of the standard white background. Use free graphics and images to visually describe your products and services until you have a custom-made logo of your own. You also have to be cautious with graphics. Invariably, your stationery will be used for different purposes. Play around with how and where you place your design elements to create different templates. Here are some questions you should consider before you start designing. It's your party, so dance how you want to! When all these benefits are put together, you will end up with large contracts even when you are simply a starting company. Add your email address. For example, this business letterhead template uses a subtle pink color gradient in the spine column. List all items. It's a great way to remind local clients when and where to find you. Use your header and footer designs to create a visual hierarchy Visual hierarchy is a fundamental principle in design. Then, you can figure out where to put your header or spine column, proportionate to the rest of your page.

In Lucidpress, it's easy to add links via shapes, images and text. Letterheads also depict professionalism.

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Letterhead examples with logo

Properly greet the recruiter. On your document, insert a header that will be the canvas for your template. However, you must not use dull colors or overcrowd your letterhead. You still have a lot of flexibility in the way you design the letterhead at the header and footer of your document and you have total control over typeface and margins. It really is that easy to design a new letterhead that you'll love! The letterhead contains your name and contact information, so you want it to stand out and be easy for the recruiter to find. The cover letter and resume should look like they belong together.

Take a look at how this business letterhead template divides the spine column from the body of the letter using a thin line: Use this to your advantage with a striking color palette and close attention to detail.

Therefore, if your printer cannot perfectly display your preferred image, you should avoid using it on the template. For example, you could make a heavier weighted header and a lighter footer.

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Free Letterhead Design Templates